Sunday, 28 June 2015

Retro single of the week - starting soon..

I was thinking about my next single of the week and an idea struck - as often happens when you are not trying desperately to think of one, ideas pop into my head.

So here it is - the idea. I've been choosing singles of the week for new and forthcoming tracks for the past year or so and its really enjoyable. But actually my musical journey goes much further back rather than forwards.

We all have songs we love and songs that hold memories for us. So my idea, getting slowly and laboriously to the point is this - I am going to continue with My Week with for bands that have at least 7 songs I can choose!! I am going to continue to choose a new single of the week each week - this week's is the brilliant Not Letting Go

However, I will also be choosing a vintage or retro single of the week to boot!! What could be better than heading back to those songs that really got you? So that's my idea. And they say ideas are inhibited by lack of sleep!! Sleep is not high on my agenda at the moment let me tell you!!

So retro single of the week starts Sunday.  How cool is that?

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