Sunday, 7 June 2015

Things to do before I'm 40 (ish)

Things to do Before I'm 40

  • Reach goal weight. (10 stone 7 to be precise) - currently 13 stone 4lbs
  • Have lovely clear skin (having some skin issues at the moment) - currently ok
  • Have a massage at least every other month to sort out my niggles
  • Have a bikini bod (lots of squats required) - doing the squats!
  • Be some place nice for my 40th birthday, not here. - in progress
  • Have a new car (Audi TT ideally) - not yet!
  • Go to London at least once between now and then - DONE!
  • Go see a show at the theatre
  • Have a new bedroom carpet
  • Get a ring (not engagement, not a chance!) - DONE
  • Own a really great pair of jeans
  • Have a coat for every occasion
  • Get some glamourous 1950's vintage style dresses that make me rock!
  • Be slim for no occasion, just stay slim once I actually get there - working on it!
  • Be manicured and pedicured regularly - manicured regularly - not feet yet! 
  • Exfoliate every week
  • Walk somewhere new every week
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get my belly button pierced
  • Wear very short shorts in the UK (never done this ever)
  • Do abs every day, without exception
  • Get my haircut before I can't see under my fringe!
  • Take my make up off every night! - doing it
  • Go to the cinema with my guy, just him. 
  • Go to a very expensive restaurant.
  • Try proper Sushi (the fish one) 
  • Learn to cook some new dishes
  • Do a 5k run / jog
  • Run every week, at least once - so far so good
  • Go to Wales
  • Stay in Chester overnight

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