Friday, 26 June 2015

What I'm Watching this week

  • Grand Designs. Still absolutely fascinated by this program. I love how some buildings are converted into amazing creations and others are started from scratch. Lifeboat stations, chapels, derelict, water towers - you name it. Against the elements and against escalating costs, these building are inspirations. 
  • Big Brother. Sorry - I admit to being a fan. I know its not big, and its not clever but its like car-crash TV. You don't want to watch it but you just can't quite turn it off!! Arguments, bitchiness, show-mances, more arguing, more egos. Wonderful stuff. 
  • Banshee. Now into Season 2 and last night I watched the episode where their old house burns down. Such a clever and dramatic program. The "Sheriff" and his ex-wife - Rabbit's daughter, have no choice but to return to Banshee and to face the repercussions. 
  • The Soaps - Corrie, Eastenders and Emmerdale. I've watched bits of all three this week and they are all drama packed at the moment. We have the various love triangles in Emmerdale coming to boiling point, and I am hoping Robert gets whats coming to him! Eastenders is all about Shabs and Stacey and Kush, and then the whole baby situation with Dean. Corrie - babies again. Will Nick and Carla finally get together? I do hope so. Drama drama drama. Love it! 

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