Thursday, 25 June 2015

Yo Sushi, Taylor Swift and diet blip!

Yesterday saw me slightly buggar up my diet. Not massively, but still I think 2 and a half weeks from now, I am probably going to be full of regrets.

However, its done now, so I have to live with it and also resolve it. Tomorrow is PT. That should sort it!!

It had better sort it put it that way. Today I have pretty much been on track. I have had a quorn spaghetti bolognese for tea, which isn't too bad.

If I could somehow be a gym addict for the next 2 weeks, that would be fantastic!! Not going to worry too much about the scales - only by my clothes and how they fit.

I think thats a healthier way to feel as I'm not going to reach goal. However, I want to look nice so it will be worth it to at least tone up what I have.

I do have nice dresses that are best suited to flat tums but I think I can probably work with what I've got this one last time.

I say this one last time because this is the last overweight holiday I am going on. I am 40 next year, and I am not being fat and forty for anyone!!

2 and a half weeks - I can be a gym bunny :)

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