Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 4 of My Week with Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse

Day 4 of my week with Goldfrapp and its 'Ride a White Horse'.

'Ride a White Horse' was the third single from their third album 'Supernature'. The album was released in 2005, and the single the following year in 2006.

This is a sultry number, full of synthesisers and electronic sounds, over Alison's deep breathy vocals. Its quite disco and dance but with a steady pulse.

Goldfrapp make no secret that T-Rex are a source of inspiration for them, and there is no mistaking it in this song which was also the name of a T-Rex song! Here is something I did not know - apparently Bianca Jagger rode into the infamous Studio 54 in the 70's on a white horse, which its widely assumed was the inspiration for this song in homage to the disco era, not to mention T-Rex!

The video is quite strange. Alison donned in various pure white outfits with a blonde bob looking very innocent if you excuse the fact she is wearing very short hems and giant heels singing into a glittery microphone - which on closer inspection is cardboard and foil. She then tucks into a slice of pizza featuring fag butts. She then toes a large dog statue on wheels that looks like Scooby Doo into the scene - most bizarre moment. Behind her men are climbing out of euro bins covered in grime, whilst another man is eating out of a bin. Dark and edgy as ever for Goldfrapp!

Great vocals, great track and there we have it - Day 4 ' Ride a White Horse'.

You can check out Days 1 -3 plus loads more over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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