Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday lazy Sunday

Having a lazy day. Its 12.45 and I'm still in my PJ's!! So are G and my other half! Right now, we are watching the classic Superman film. Best film ever for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We aren't being entirely lazy - take me for instance. I'm typing this for starters on my blog. Then, I've decided to try and learn something new each week, and this weeks its repost for Instagram. Its been bugging for a month or so since I joined Instagram, as many comps require you to repost and I hadn't a scooby doo how to do it! Now I know. This week's task complete.

I've set myself a few tasks to do - closing down the hundreds of emails that I received whilst I was on my hols - usually I do this daily, but obviously a week away scuppered that!! Then, I want to find out how to filter emails that say "win" if that's possible to separate them. I have more than one email, so its only my main one for all my comping, surveys etc.. but it doesn't half clog up!! There has to be a way, so that's the next thing to learn.

Then there is my other half's photos. I'm really OCD with mine. I download them, organise them, then also back them up on an external hard drive. The other half does not. They are all over the place!! So I need to sort them out for him and then get them backed up to. My external hard drive is huge, so it won't be a problem!

Next to do is to get some comps entered. Then schedule a few more blog posts, as I've a busy week this week. I need to finish my last song of my week with Goldfrapp and then choose a new single of the week too.

I might list a few things on ebay later as I've got loads of stuff I've cleared out that I need to list. Plus a few bits of furniture I want to get rid of too.

So when I say its a lazy day, its lazy in terms of not moving much, but actually I'm being quite productive !! It is absolutely tipping down anyway, and luckily we got the gardening done yesterday. So I have earned my lazy Sunday :)

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