Saturday, 8 August 2015

2015 - most holidays like ever!!!

I've always lived for my holidays. I have travelled whenever and wherever I have had the chance. I usually manage a minimum of one holiday abroad per week, and maybe some weekends away, gigs etc..

This past few years, its been 2 a year. One me and the other half on our own, one with assorted others - kids, grown up kids and parents.

This year though, 2015, we have already been to Marrakesh in March, Crete in July and are booked up again for the Canaries in October!! This on top of going to London for 3 nights, a weekend in Manchester to see Take That, and a trip to Cannock Chase to see Paloma Faith.

Now we are looking to book up for April next year for my birthday (40 - sshhh!). That means 3 holidays already this year, another soon to be booked for next year and discussions already in hand for another holiday with some of his kids.

And we will need one on our own!! Seriously - I need a lotto win. I need to make this holiday thing a full time occupation. 2015 - most holidays ever, but 2016 looks set to be even better!! Amazing!! Happy days:)

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