Saturday, 29 August 2015

Coming Up This Weekend

So whats in store for this long weekend?

Well first up, its an epic ebay wrapping session. Usually one or two items, but as it was free listings last weekend, I've got quite a few to wrap. So that's Saturday morning's job.

Next its Personal Training at 2pm Saturday. Still aching and burning from my PT on Thursday evening, and the gym last night, so goodness knows what will be burning after this!!

Then the middle one of the boys is bringing his girlfriend down from Donny to meet us for the first time - pressure, pressure!! So I need to do a quick dust and hoover - the house is immaculate, but it has to be done.

Sat night will be a quiet one, just tea and a catch up. Sunday, its time for a run out somewhere nice - weather permitting, and a visit to see my lovely mum and dad, before a few drinks somewhere that evening.

Monday, well, Monday is month end, so its a comping marathon!! Its also the continuation of the 30 day squat and ab challenge.

I will also be finishing my week with INXS with my Day 7 choice, before deciding who is next. Its also time to consider what's good on TV right now, and what's coming up. X Factor starts again today don't forget!!

I shall continue with my diet updates, and my PT adventures, not to mention that Cow story. Yes, we got chased by cows!! All good fun :)