Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 2 was a bit more successful - so far!

Day 1 of my all new Weight Watchers didn't go so well. Day 2, today, has fared much better. When I say better, I mean I have actually stuck to it, unlike yesterday. Oops!

So, today, I've had Bran flakes and strawberries this morning for breakfast. I even measured them out to be sure of my portion sizes.

For lunch, it was a chicken sandwich, homemade, and a bag of low fat crisps. Mid afternoon I had a weight watchers chocolate wafer for a pick me up snack.

I then managed to get home and not eat. That's my danger point - when I get home. I usually blow it at that point by scoffing whatever I can get my hands on, like yesterday!!

For my evening meal, I've had quorn fillets, Asda Counted Tikka Massalla Sauce, and Weight Watchers Rice. I still have 6 points of my daily allowance left, which is great. Yesterday, I went way over and had to use some of my weekly points allowance. Not good on Day 1!!

Hopefully I've got my head on right now and this will be the time I reach goal. I am going to give it my all this time. Stick to my points, watch what I eat, exercise loads and hopefully look great next holiday!!

11 weeks on Saturday. If I can lose 2lb per week, thats 22lb, not including any I lose before Saturday. That's over a stone and a half, which would put me near my lowest ever weight. If I could lose even more, well then that would be amazing.

One step at a time though. One pound at a time. :)

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