Monday, 24 August 2015

My new single of the week - Whisky Story - Example

I heard this for the very first time on the radio, and wasn't sure who sang it. It didn't initially sound like Example. Well, for the first few seconds until it really kicked in!

'Whisky Story' is truly an Example song. Its fun, its upbeat, its catchy - I absolutely love this song!

Lets begin with the brilliant cover shot of a dog, in a shirt and tie with a glass of whisky. Cool fact - he ran a competition for fans to submit images of their pets and this was the winning shot - pure brilliance!! I have to print this and put it on my wall - its just ace.

Back to the song. 'Whisky Story' is the first single to be released from his forthcoming album. I would say its a return to form, except he's never really been off form, but this is like his earlier stuff.

This was officially released in July 2015, but I heard it for the first time just this week. Apparently Example wrote this, as a new dad, thinking back to his younger nights out.

The lyrics are brill "Oh darling, let's stay up all night, Drinking whisky, telling stories, I can keep you satisfied" repeats over and over. Then, and I don't normally quote the entire verse, but...... :

"Who is this staying over? I can't recall her name
She lies there on the sofa every morning like Lorraine
Her waistline gets a rub, retrace our night of fun
These constant slap-dash flashbacks of our date night down the pub
I hear somebody leaving, somebody heaving, somebody barely breathing
It's hard to remember where it descended, started as the quietest evening
I don't wanna live in this drama, I can't keep playing this game
But the Friday night delights outweigh the Sunday morning pain, let's do it again"

I mean how flipping perfect is that? A drink down the local turns into a night of drunken messiness!! Yup. There's being young and irresponsible right there. Summed up perfectly into a song line that sounds so funny yet so spot on.

The video is one of the best I have seen. Apparently shot in one take by none other than Example himself using a selfie stick!! He is on the tube in London, Charing Cross, and it shows him walking up the stairs, the escalator then out to Nelson's column I believe. Various passers by lip sync the "Oh Darling" line and the end result is nothing short of brilliance.

I love this song, I love this video - Example is back!! Wow. Just wow.

Check it out, let me know what you think. You can find all my previous choices over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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