Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Week with INXS begins

I have chosen to spend my next week with INXS. So before we begin with my Day 1 song choice, lets take a closer look at this band.

I think its widely known that INXS were an Australian band, fronted by the late great Michael Hutchence. What's probably not so widely known is the other main band members - Andrew Farriss, Jon Farriss, Tim Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Beers. I think its fair to say there have been numerous other members over the years in addition, not to mention a new lead singer after the untimely death of Michael in the form of J.D Fortune.

The band that became INXS first formed in 1977, and were originally called The Farriss Brothers. Apparently, they knew each other from school. I had no idea that they had been going for such a long time. Thankfully, after several band names, they decided on INXS after a suggestion from a member of another band.

INXS launched under their new name in 1979, and released their first single in 1980, and their first album 'INXS' later the same year. 1981 saw their second album released 'Underneath The Colours'.

In 1982 came album number three 'Shabooh Shabooh', followed by album number 4 'The Swing' in 1984. Next came 'Listen Like Thieves' in 1985, 'Kick' in 1987, then 'X' in 1990.

'Welcome to Wherever You Are' followed in 1992, 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts' in 1993, 'Elegantly Wasted' in 1997.

It was their fourth album that began to make them known internationally, whereas previously they had mainly been big in their native Australia. It was 'Kick' though that really made them massive internationally.

In 1998 the world received the shock news of Michael Hutchence' death. It was a shock to everyone. They found their new front man by way of a TV show called Rock Star in 2004, where J.D Fortune became their new lead vocalist. With Fortune, they released the album 'Switch' in 2005, then an album as a tribute to Hutchence in 2010 called 'Original Sin'.

INXS were huge at the height of their fame, but the 90's saw them start to decline in popularity. They won accolades and awards, but the group has been through band members and controversy, not least via Hutchence himself. Even new front man Fortune is off and on again.

None of which takes anything away from the fact that INXS are worthy of rock nobility. They've released live albums, compilation albums and memorable songs such as 'Mystify' and 'Suicide Blonde'.

I'm looking forward to reminding myself just how great their classics were as I spend my next week with this great band.

Check back tomorrow for Day 1 and my first song choice from INXS. Very excited.

You can find loads more of My Music choices here. Happy listening :)

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