Monday, 10 August 2015

My Week with INXS Day 3 - Suicide Blonde

Day Three of My Week with INXS and today its 'Suicide Blonde'.

'Suicide Blonde' was released as a single in 1990. It was the lead single from the album 'X' which was released the same year.

This is another song to be written by Fariss and Hutchence. Its an upbeat number, with more than a nod to the dance vibe, but still with that distinctive INXS sound.

The single reached number 11 in the UK singles chart, just missing out on the top 10.

The video shows the band, with images of "suicide blondes" overlapping every so often. From what I gather, Hutchence was in a relationship with Kylie at this point, and that may well have been the influence.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of Hutchence death, this song gained new meaning which has stuck. It makes it a bit morbid, but its still a great song.

Go take a listen and remind yourselves what a great track this is. It is a little dated now, it hasn't really stood the test of time too well, so you just have to cast your mind back to the 90's again.

Let me know what you think, or for more music you can find loads more of my previous choices here. Happy listening :)

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