Monday, 31 August 2015

My Week with INXS Day 7 - Devil Inside

Day seven of my week with INXS and for my last choice its 'Devil Inside'.

'Devil Inside' was released in 1988. It was another single taken from their album 'Kick'.

This is quite a bit more rock n roll than pop, and has a real kick (sorry for the pun) to it. Its still quite electro, and is once again a Hutchence and Fariss collaboration.

'Devil Inside' is a catchy song. Hutchence sounds breathy and sultry on his vocals in this song. The lyrics get lodged firmly in your head. "Devil inside, devil inside, every single one of us, the devil inside". Its one of those songs that you realise you somehow know all the words to, without realising that you did!! At least in my case!

The video is another classic 80's one. Big suit jackets, wild clothing - including an "Ali G" style spandex outfit donned by 2 very burly fellas!! I'm not sure what its all about, but there are fetish like masks, and all sorts of goings on!! I suppose the song is called Devil Inside!!

As a single, it didn't fare so well, missing out on the top 40 reaching number 47 in the UK singles chart. It is far better than that position might suggest.

There we are then, day 7 and my last choice. Check back tomorrow for my decision on which of my choices comes in at the number 1 spot!!

You can find days 1-6 and loads more over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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