Saturday, 26 September 2015

Losing the will

I have lost my will power, hence officially losing the will. Why? No idea!! I was buoyed up last Saturday, but since that great weight loss I have eaten and drank everything in site!!

Kit kats, flapjacks, crisps, cheese and onion sandwiches, more flapjacks, freddo bars. Not to mention, hot chocolate, creamy coffee, coffee mochas and then of course wine and a couple of shorts. Portion sizes are out of control, so is the weight watchers app - who cares what points I've eaten at this point? Not me!!

But I will. I know that much for sure! I skipped weigh in today - thought it best not to under the circumstances, but the depressing thing is that its now just 3 weeks until my holiday and when I can't fit in my clothes, I will regret this no end.

Right now though, I am enjoying myself. Right now, I'm about to have a glass of wine - sod it. I have been to PT today, so its not a complete disaster, but I just can't seem to get my head on right for some reason!!

Must knuckle down after today as this cannot continue. But that leaves me with tonight to enjoy!! Cheers :)