Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lots to look forward to - again!!

So, we've gone from nothing booked, to loads to plan for!!

We go to Gran Canaria in October, just after the other half's big birthday!! We've got a wedding on the 3rd, and his birthday night out.

Then, in November, we've got a Posh Pool Party to look forward to!! Woohoo!!

In December, we have just booked up to go and see Dynamo live!! Fab!! Very excited!

Then we are doing Christmas dinner this year, and so far we have 3 Christmas do's to go to.

Then obviously, its New Year. Then onto 2016.

Its my birthday in March and its a big one. So we are going to a fabulous restaurant for a five course meal.

Then in May, we are booked up to go to Mexico!!

Good eh?