Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Film Reviews - Insidious

Insidious was released in 2010, and since then there has been a second installment, Insidious 2, as a result of the brilliance of the first one.

Directed by James Wan this is a truly terrifying film, with a proper scary plot line. Its stars Patrick Wilson, who featured in my previous scary film review, The Conjuring. It also stars Rose Byrne, who is off another off my favourite scary films, 28 Weeks Later.

They play a couple with 2 small sons and a baby girl. Renai (Byrne) and Josh (Wilson) Lambert, the parents, move their family into a new home. Dalton, their son, starts to hear strange creaking sounds up in the loft, but trying to investigate manages to fall off the ladder. He screams, as he sees something in the corner, and his parents come rushing to him.

Dalton seems ok, so Renai and Josh decide the loft is a no-go zone for the kids to be on the safe side. The next day though, Dalton goes into a coma like state. After three months with no change, the hospital let his parents take him home. Things get much worse once he's back.

How terrified would you be if you heard noises over your baby monitor? Yep, that's what happens. Absolutely petrifying. The burglar alarm goes off, Renai sees dark figures in the house, and gets attacked by one of them. They abandon the house. I would too -  I was by this point utterly scared.

They move to another house, and Josh's mother Lorraine joins the family. She has a dream featuring a horrible demon with a vivid evil red face, and he summons Dalton, who is still in a coma. Renai sees more supernatural beings, and its clear whatever wants Dalton is going to come wherever they move to. They decide to call in the experts.

Elise, the single spookiest character I have ever seen, is hired to investigate. She comes to the house with her assistants, and immediately Elise feels a presence. Elise sees the demon, and her assistant sketches it. Its the same red faced lovely from Lorraine's dream. The demon who wants Dalton.

The paranormal investigator tries to explain that Dalton is not in a true coma, but rather is somewhere else, leaving only his physical body. He has somehow travelled too far into the astral plane and is trapped there. The longer he is away, the more vulnerable he becomes. Josh isn't buying it, until he realises Dalton has been drawing this demon all along.

They try a seance next, but when the demon proves too strong, Elise has to stop the spirits coming through Dalton to attack them. Knowing time is of the essence, Elise reveals that she and Lorraine had to do the same thing with Josh as a child. He too was able to astral project, but his demon was a horrible scary old woman.

Elise persuades Josh to go into the scarily titled "The Further" to go and get his son back, telling him only he can do it. Josh rescues Dalton, but the usually jaunty song "Tiptoe through the Tulips" will now forever fill me with fear - you will know what I mean if you watch it!

Josh brings Dalton back, and whilst they should be celebrating, Elise is concerned. She snaps a photo of Josh sending him into a full blown rage. He roars at Elise and murders her, strangling her to death. Renai finds the camera, and sees that the photo is of the twisted dark old woman. Josh has been possessed. Josh speaks "I'm right here" but she is frozen to the spot. The old woman puffs out the candle and it all goes dark.

I can't remember ever being more scared by a film. This one is not for the faint hearted, it really is a scary film but don't watch it on your own!!

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