Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Film Reviews - Fright Night

I am referring to the 2011 film, not the old one. That said, the old one is good fun, but this one? Well this one is scary. Its directed by Craig Gillespie and stars Colin Farrell as the vampire.

Its set in Las Vegas, and the main character is a teenager called Charley. He lives with his mum, played by Toni Collette. A new mysterious neighbour moves in, which is Mr Farrell - Jerry.

Charley's school friend, Ed, has this conspiracy theory about people going missing in their town. Ed tries to convince Charley that Jerry is a vampire! Charley thinks he is being ridiculous. Ed soon goes missing and unbeknownst to Charley, he is now a vampire too!!

Charley begins to realise Ed may have been right, and creeps into Jerry's place to investigate. He finds a girl captive there. He tries to rescue her, but once he gets her outside, the sunlight hits her and she turns to ash. Charley, terrified, tracks down Peter Vincent, famed vampire killer. Played by Brit ace David Tennant (Dr Who).

Peter doesn't think Charley is serious, and dismisses him. Back home, Jerry knows Charley came into his house and comes after them. He can't come inside, but he sets the house on fire instead, with Charley and his mum and girlfriend Amy inside. Amy is played by Imogen Poots - who is one of the stars in 28 weeks later.

They just manage to escape, and flee in their old banger of a car. Jerry though, is soon on their tale. He is really scary now, and though Colin Farrell is the sexiest vampire I have ever scene (sorry Edward off Twilight fans, its an age thing), he is also bloody scary!!

Charley's mum manages to slow Jerry down by impaling him with a For Sale sign, but not after he has killed a passing motorist!! He is in his real vampire guise, with the sign sticking out of him as they escape again.

His mum gets put in hospital, whilst he and Amy go back to try again with Peter Vincent. Ed shows up, in his new vampire guise, and they fight. Charley has no choice but to kill his old friend - either him or Ed. Amy though, gets bitten by Jerry and he takes her.

Peter finally agrees to help, and he and Charley hatch a plan. They head into the basement, where Jerry's vampire family come for them. The plan works, and Charley kills Jerry by driving a stake through his heart. The vampires turn back to their human form once he is dead including Amy.

This one is a different sort of scary - fun scary, but full of jumps and scares. As I said, Colin Farrell is the fittest, sexiest vampire of them all. Fabulous fun for Halloween. I love this film!

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