Thursday, 29 October 2015

My Films Reviews - Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity was released in 2007. This is a film about the supernatural - not surprising from the title that fact really.

Its one of those now well known "found footage" style films, where its billed as if its true. What it was and still is as the original, is scary.

It focuses on a couple - Katie and Micah. Katie feels a presence in their house, and they set up some cameras. They have no idea what they are letting themselves in for.

At first, it starts slowly - the cameras just picking up a few things. Then things ramp up. Katie is seen standing staring at Micah at the side of the bed, footsteps are found that aren't theirs, It gets really scary then - she gets dragged upstairs, so they start to sleep downstairs.

Me? I would be out the door, never-mind sleeping downstairs. Micah finds bite marks on Katie's neck, and they try to get help to deal with it.

Finally, Katie becomes possessed. It ends where she is screaming in a weird voice, and the camera picks up Micah being thrown across the room.

It doesn't sound scary. Many of the sequels and imitations since haven't been. But this one, the first one, had me petrified.

There are no big stars in this, no huge budget, yet it delivers what a horror should - scares and fear. Perfect for Halloween.

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