Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What I'm Watching this Week

  • The Apprentice. I love this program. This week, as ever, so called educated, successful, city types have made a total hash of a simple task! Love it!

  • Prison Break. Now on the last series on the boxset. Its even better second time around, as I aren't constantly wondering what's going to happen, but am actually paying more attention. 

  • Walking Dead. We were half way through series 5 when its mysteriously vanished, but thankfully have a few episodes left. Not so much problems with the Walkers now, more the horrible evil "normal" folks. Scary stuff!

  • Grand Designs. I admit it - I am addicted to this show. Kevin McCloud is so cool, so charming, and so to the point. The buildings never cease to amaze me, with such imagination and skill, and usually such lack of finance requiring constant adaptation! Fabulous stuff. Inspiring.