Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Film Reviews - Stardust

This is one of my favourite films. I spied that it was on this evening, and persuaded the other half to watch it, and I am pleased to report that he has been glued to it. So enough of that - what's it about?

Stardust is a romantic fantasy - its full of magic, and love and loads of baddies. It came out in 2007, and features the Take That hit Rule the World, which Gary Barlow penned especially for it. It suits this film perfectly. Based upon a novel, this is a tale of witchcraft, love, forbidden love and daring do's.

It's packed with stars - Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais, Charlie Cox, Rupert Everett, Mark Strong, Henry Cavill and Peter O'Toole to name but a few of the known ones. Some of them will surprise you in the roles they have taken on here, stepping entirely away from their usual characters, and the film is all the better as a result!

The film begins in the village of Wall in England, in the magical kingdom of Stormhold. Dunstan Thorn manages to cross over the guarded wall and meets a princess, who he falls in love with. She is princess Una, who has been enslaved by a witch. Nine months later, a baby is delivered to Dunstan by the wall guard, who tells him the baby boy is Tristan, his son.

Moving on 18 years, Tristan (Charlie Cox) has grown up, and asks for the truth about his mother. His father explains all to him, and passes him the items she left for him, including the Babylon candle. Tristan, deeply in love with Victoria (Sienna Miller) has seen a falling star, and wants to get it for her to show his love. He uses the magic Babylon candle which takes him to the fallen star, who turns out to be a beautiful woman named Yvaine. He enslaves her, telling her he is taking her to Victoria - she isnt best pleased!!

In the background, the King has died. He has set his sons the task of finding the ruby he has cast into the sky, at which point they can become King. In doing so, his ruby collides with a star, bringing it to earth. This is the falling star - otherwise known as Yvaine. The sons then begin a brutal quest, killing each other, or trying to in their aim to win.

Three ancient witches in Stormhold also notice the star, and it is only by cutting out her heart that they may gain their youth and power. They give all the remaining power of the last star to Lamia (Pfeiffer) so that she can find and capture the star.

The paths of the above cross as they weave through the magical land, encountering as they do the pirate and its captain, Captain Shakespeare (De Niro). This is my favourite bit - De Niro in ladies clothes, dancing and singing - brilliant!! Tristan realises that he doesn't love Victoria, but has fallen in love with Yvaine.

Yvaine has begun to shine as she falls in love with Tristan. After spending a night together in an inn, Tristan decides to go and tell Victoria he has fallen in love with Yvaine and leaves whilst she sleeps, leaving a message for her. Yvaine awakes, and is told the news - that Tristan has returned to Victoria, and that he has realised he has found the love of his life. Wrongly thinking he has left her, she heads for the wall, but if she crosses it she will turn to nothing but dust.

Tristan finds Victoria, and gives her a piece of Yvaine's hair. When it turns to dust, he realises that Yvaine will be dust if she ever crosses and rushes back to her. Tristan's mother, encamped with dishwater Sal, the witch who enslaved her, spots Yvaine and stops her.

The film reaches its final showdown with the princes and the witches. Two witches are killed, and all the sons. Una however, has been set free and has rescued Yvaine. Tristan and Yvain are reunited, and she shines so brightly that Lamia is vapourised. Tristan gets the stone that Yvaine has been wearing, which turns out to be the ruby. It then becomes clear that he is the last male heir!!

Tristan becomes King, his father Dunstan is reunited with Una - happily ever after!! I love this film so much, and so will you.

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