Saturday, 5 December 2015

Oh Christmas Tree - where are you going to go this year??

This year is my second Christmas in my new home. We have had new furniture though, and I can't actually fit the tree where it was last year!!

I hadn't realized how accustomed I had become in having a certain Christmas style for my decorations. I now have to find new places to put things, and I just don't know what will look best where! Seriously giving this too much thought I think. This is not the stressful part of Christmas so all is not boding well for the old pressure scale this year.

However it has prompted me to have a trawl through my previous year's efforts for inspiration, so I thought I would share some of my attempts whilst trying to decide on this year's display.

I just don't know what colours to have in my scheme this year. I have tended to go for silvers and whites, or bronze and black. I am considering red and gold this year but I just don't know! Oh what to do. I know, pour a glass of wine and pop on some Christmas songs. It won't help me decide of course - I just feel like it!

What colours are you using this year for your Christmas displays? 

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