Sunday, 17 January 2016

A look back at the week

So this week was my very first retro single of the week in the form of 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt.

It was also the week we lost two great talents in the form of David Bowie, and then Alan Rickman. As a tribute to Bowie, I chose my top 10 Bowie songs - here.

I had a look back at my new year's resolutions and decided to reboot with a new diet plan.

It was a time of looking back and planning ahead. I reviewed my things to do before 40, and updated my wishlist.

I listened to new music, old music, thought about what gigs I would like to go to. I thought about travelling - where I have been already. Its been a very thoughtful week really.

My ongoing projects to find positives in every day, and to find out how many films I have seen continued. I watched some great TV and generally enjoyed my life.

This week has made me realise, more than most weeks do, that life is really very short, and its important to live it and enjoy it.

Back soon with what's coming up on the Eternal Hopeful this week. Be happy everyone :)

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