Sunday, 10 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Without further ado, here is today's positivity post. So its Sunday, and that means no work. Its a day for having a little bit of a lie in, and that's exactly what we did.

Once up, I had some lovely Staffordshire oatcakes with a bit of low fat cheese. If you haven't tried them, you haven't lived!! Yum. Great start to the day.

We then finished off the game of Monopoly the three of us started last night, and guess what? Yes, you guessed it - I won!! I didn't brag - much!! Oh the success of it. I never win at Monopoly, so that made me feel very positive. I don't like to lose!

We then headed off to get both our cars cleaned - they were badly in need of it. Now they are all sparkling and lovely, so that's another positive. No more embarassing grubby cars on the drive. I also got the other half to check my tyres for me, as my tyre warning light had come on. I'm back up and running now and the light has gone off, so that's brill.

Finally, we took his Christmas present back to the shops to change. I had bought him size 8. To my horror when I came to wrap them, one was a 9 and one was an 8. Honestly - what use it that? So they changed them for us, and knocked 10% off by way of an apology, which was nice of them. It's only a small thing, but it means I am getting £4.50 back, so that's enough for a glass of wine when I am allowed to have one (diet not allowing it at the moment!)

So lots done, a few things achieved, and he finally has his Christmas present to wear. Oh and did I mention I won at Monopoly? :)

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