Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Today was a pretty ordinary day - nothing major happened. Nothing particularly amazing, but nothing terrible either, so that's ok. I can cope with average days.

So what was positive today then? Well I stuck to my diet so that's positive. I had an early start and a good day at work, so that's another positive. Ordinary, nothing to write home about, but positive never the less.

I got home, and G was on the Wii Fit with her dad. Well, I say on it - they were battling to set it up as the remotes had decided to stop working for some reason. Cue me coming to the rescue!! I am quite good with gadgets, so it was up and running down to me - that's positive.

Then, inevitably, we all started to get mega competitive. I absolutely romped home on the hula hoop game. I won by a considerable way, and got the status of "Roaring Fire". Go me!! Then I took the title on the Yoga - I got the impressive status of "Yoga Teacher" and the wii admired my posture!! I rock. So that was very positive!!

It was also a bit of extra exercise, so that was a bonus!! All in all its been a good day. I love the fact that even on a completely average day, there are positives to be noted. I love this positivity business - it really is making me appreciate everything much much more. :)

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