Saturday, 16 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Today's positivity post comes to you fresh from watching the amazing David Haye comeback fight. It was brief is all I will say, in case you don't want to know the result!! It was brief but impressive, but back to the positivity!!

So today is Saturday, and we have had a lovely lazy day!! That always makes me feel positive. The other half was up and dressed, even though he didn't do a lot today, but me and G stayed in our PJ's until lunch time!! Yay - lazy days rule!!

We continued last night's monopoly game and I won!! Again - second weekend on the trot!! I rock at Monopoly. Reigning champion moi!

I had a rare chance to run myself a hot bath and soak in it until my fingers turned crinkly. That was absolute bliss. Normally I am a shower girl - in and out in no time. Today was a chance to get a bit of me time. It was lovely, and made me feel relaxed and positive. A glass of wine would have been perfect, but the diet has to be followed.

On that note - today was a day when I wanted to eat. I refrained and I have had a healthy day so I am feeling very good about that. It would have been very easy to think "stuff it" and to start again on Monday. No - I have done my daily crunches, some lunges and a few squats today - nothing too strenuous but it still counts.

Finally, its snowing over our way. It looks lovely and sparkly out there. The good thing is that we haven't got to go anywhere, we can just stay warm, snuggle up and watch some telly together. I am feeling very positive and that is brilliant. This is how weekends should be every now and then. Totally chilled and relaxed.

Very positive again. Good stuff! :)

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