Monday, 18 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Today's positivity post is going to be quite brief. Its been that sort of a day. However, there were some highlights - some days are easier to find the good bits than others, so here goes.

First off, today was the day I faced the music and downloaded the new Weight Watchers app. Its changed, and so have the points. I had thought I was being quite good on my diet this past 2 weeks. I had a right shock when I pointed up my usual day's count. Some changes were required, and today they began. I have sorted myself out, tracked every morsel, weighed in and am on track again. That is positive, if a bit daunting at this point!!

Secondly, I survived a long, tough, challenging day. Undeterred though, I finished work and headed to the supermarket to get some eye drops - I have an eye infection. Not so positive. However, once there, I treated myself to some new clothes. I got a lovely cardigan for a bargain £5!! Some nice tops to replace the same ones I feel I have been wearing forever!! It gave me a little boost and didn't break the bank.

I had a healthy tea, and was pretty shocked at the points in things, but managed to stay within points and that's good. The positive thing is that I haven't even felt hungry today!!

Not so much positive today - its been long and tiring, but still managed to find a couple of small things and that's what matters. :)

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