Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for todays's positivity post. Today has been another long challenging day, but its Wednesday, hump day, and that means the weekend is on its way!! Whoop!!

Now then, back to today. A random thing happened. I went to the garage to fill up, and headed in to pay. The young guy behind the counter said the creme eggs were on offer. I said "no thankyou" and added that I was attempting to stick to my diet at the moment. He said "well its working". I was proper chuffed!!

There is always the chance that he was referring to not buying the creme eggs, but he smiled at me when he said it, so maybe he meant it literally. I'm going for that option - it made my day!!

I got home this evening, and found the other half and G on the Wii fit again. I showed them how it was done and thrashed them at hula hoop and the one where you have to focus on the candle. I rule!! Small things and all that!!

I have also stuck rigidly to my weight watchers points today, so that's 3 totally focused days now. I feel better already.

See? Positives in every day. Happy days :)

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