Thursday, 21 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post then, and today its an easy one. Today we have booked up to go and see the Kaiser Chiefs in July!! This was a very positive feeling- I love the KC's!!!!

They are playing at Delamere Forest, and I am told its a beautiful setting, so that's better still!! I am feeling positive, because I have been looking ahead to an already action packed and exciting 2016, and its still only January!!

Another positive is that tomorrow is Friday. It always feels more like you can survive anything when the weekend is in sight!! That said, I am not wishing my life away. Oh no, tonight I have done my ab workout, my daily increasing number of crunches and pulses. I am on a decent number of steps for a non exercise day too which is very positive.

I have also resisted temptation when my will power waned a little today. I was so hungry when I got home, but I resisted and had an oxo drink. Then, just now, I know I have Christmas chocolate left hidden away. I did not give in, so I am feeling positive.

Another little boost is just ahead of me now. My haircut can soon be booked - once my weight drops another pound - I can book my hair in as a reward. Yay!! Grey hairs be gone. Nearly :)

Likewise my nails - I can get them booked in once I have lost another 4 pounds. So its something positive to look forward to. Beyond that, the rewards keep coming, so my motivation has an added bonus.

I am feeling more in control of things that I was, and that feels good. I am making good progress on my resolutions, and things are started to look much much better. The power of positive thinking :)

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