Saturday, 30 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Its Saturday, so that in itself is always a positive. Today started well - my dad came round to fix the bathroom tap.

Last October, the shower decided to konk out, water spilling all over the place and wouldn't stop. The other half bought a new one, but when it was fitted, the water pressure was ridiculously low and as a result, having a shower has been a feeble affair. More a trickle than a flood!

Cue the other half purchasing a different type of mixer tap, for the right pressure this time. Now, we have a lovely powerful shower again!! Yay!!

Then I headed off to get my hair cut and coloured. So I enjoyed a couple of hours of me time whilst being pampered. I did a little bit of shopping, then headed home with lovely hair!!

Tonight, we have all played Monopoly. This is becoming quite the routine of a weekend evening of late. Tonight alas, I did not win. Having said that, the two remaining players of the 5 of us are still going as I speak. It was good fun though  :)

So there is today's positivity post. It's been a good day :)

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