Sunday, 31 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Today has been a long and tiring day, but a productive one, much like yesterday.

First up, we had the other half's eldest down for the weekend. Him, his girlfriend, their 2 dogs and their 2 year old daughter. So that's been fun, if a little bit of a house full!! We have had a laugh though, so that's been lovely.

Once they had gone home, I decided to start sorting out. First of all, the kitchen food cupboards copped for it. Its amazingly therapeutic when you do that. Clearing out stuff that's past its sell by date, or half empty packets. Everything organised. Fab. Good feeling.

Then it was the cupboards in our bedroom, and clearing out the clutter from under the sofa bed. I cannot believe that we have only lived here for 15 months, and yet I have accumulated so much stuff again!! Well not anymore! I literally cleared out 2 big bags full of stuff to be binned, plus loads more to sell that I don't want or haven't used. Its a good feeling when its done but it was a job and a half let me tell you!!

We've then hoovered and dusted, and straightened everywhere up, washed the bedding, done all the dishes - everywhere is sparkling. I love it when its like that.

So although I've not been anywhere, and I've been doing end of month comps for quite a while, I feel like a lot has been done. It feels good, it feels positive. :)

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