Thursday, 21 January 2016

My Film Reviews - Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2. In our house there is an 10 year old girl who has non-stop informed us all about Gru and the Minions. This will all make sense momentarily, trust me.

I have to confess, I only half watched the first one, Despicable Me, so I wasn't all that genned up on the plot. It's a kids film I thought, I will be fine. So finally, I gave in, and tonight, we have watched Despicable Me 2. All I can say is FAB!!!

Right from the start you can tell that Gru and Lucy are so going to fall for one another. It begins with Gru no longer being evil. He is asked to help foil another evil type, and reluctantly agrees to , which means working undercover with Lucy.

They have a cover story - the aptly named "Bake my Day" bakery, in order to carry out their covert operation. Gru investigates wig merchant Floyd Eagle-san, and ends up donning a dodgy wig on a dodgy date! Lucy rescues him by shooting Shannon with a tranquilliser dart just as she is about to de-wig him!

Gru really suspects Eduardo, the mexican restaurant owner, but fails to find any evidence. The wig merchant is arrested, and the case is closed, but as Lucy is reassigned to Australia, finally Gru realises he loves her. Being too embarrassed to ask her out, she gets on the plane and leaves. Gru takes the girls to Eduardo's party, and there finds evidence that he is in fact super villain El Macho!!

In the background, minions have been kidnapped, and secretly have been turned into violent purple monsters, by use of stolen equipment! Gru's old assistant has joined forces with El Macho to secretly turn the lovely yellow ones into these aggressive mutants! (Funny there are - I prefer them and want to find a furry one! )

Gru is determined to get them back, and in the meantime Lucy jumps from the plane she is on, flying in on the party. Cue damsel in distress to rescue as well. Gru rises to the challenge, spraying the purple mutants with a powerful jelly, which turns them back into the lovable yellow ones! He rescues Lucy, and Eduardo is beaten.

Finally, Gru and Lucy marry to the minions renditions of "I swear" which is hilarious, followed by the even better "YMCA" minion stylie!! This is a fantastic film, made for kids but absolute pure class entertainment for adults!! I believe I shall watch this a good many times - possibly even with little G!!! honestly, if you haven't seen it, get it downloaded, buy the DVD, as this is a classic.

Rarely do I give high scores for animations, not since Shrek, but wow. 9 1/2 out 10 for this one. And the half is only lost because I think the purple ones should have a bigger part!! Fabulous!! Pure entertainment.

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