Monday, 11 January 2016

My first "retro" single of the week - 'Don't Speak' - No Doubt

My first ever "retro" single of the week choice is an absolute gem. 'Don't Speak' from No Doubt was one of those songs that came from nowhere and absolutely blew me away.

I had never heard of No Doubt or Gwen Stefani at that point, back in 1996 when this single was released in the UK. Apparently, it was the third single to be released from their third album 'Tragic Kingdom' and it was written by Gwen and her brother. Who knew?

'Don't Speak' reached the number one spot in the UK in 1997. It starts out softly, with Stefani singing what appears to be a ballad. Then it really kicks in and it takes it up a notch, with more urgency as the chorus kicks in with its ballsy strong sound and vocals, making it an edgy, stand out track.

No Doubt are an American rock /alt rock band, but this has more than a pinch of pop sugar sprinkled through it. Gwen is cool, the song is catchy, but its dark meaning really takes it somewhere else. It was apparently about her break up with another member of the band. Awkward!!

Since then, Gwen Stefani has become a huge star, with her successful businesses and her solo career, but back then, when this was released, it was all in the future. This is the song that really put her on the map in the UK.

I absolutely love this track. If you haven't heard it, go and listen to it straight away and let me know what you think.

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