Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My New Single of the Week - Jonas Blue feat Dakota - 'Fast Car'.

My new single of the week for this week is the beautiful 'Fast Car' by Jonas Blue featuring Dakota.

Now no prizes for pointing out that this is a cover version. The original being Tracy Chapman's absolute master piece from back in 1988 which I adore.

That said, this cover is beautiful. I don't find it upsetting that its an update, as its bringing a classic song to a new generation. That's no bad thing.

Jonas Blue is a london based producer, and he has given this song a real update putting it over a house dance sound. The backing to the gorgeous vocals are actually very lovely and not at all in your face. I think its a fine tribute to this song.

Dakota is a singer also based in London. Apparently, Jonas heard her voice and knew she was right for the cover he had in mind of one of his mum's favourite songs. Well done to both of you - it is magical.

If you haven't heard this go take a listen. It is a dance track, but its also very delicate and this girl's vocals are special indeed. Tracy Chapman's version cannot be improved upon, that goes without saying, but this is very good indeed.

You can find loads more singles of the week and music stuff over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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