Friday, 22 January 2016

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Celebrity Big Brother. Yep, it is car crash TV. Yes, it is brash, loud and crass. But its just so compelling to watch!! I can't not watch it, try as I might. David Guest and Angie Bowie have bowed out, but the remaining housemates continue to be absolutely bonkers. Shouting, having a go at each other, two-timing boyfs on the outside - its all going on this time!! 

  • Benidorm. The new series has started, and whilst I loved the early episodes, the return of some of the faces in this second episode have boosted it right up there. Johnny Vegas and his sister and mum have returned, and of course Mathias!! It may not be intelligent comedy, but its damned funny!! 

  • Coronation Street. Carla's clearly jinxed isn't she? First she has a hook up with hunky Rob from the bistro. Then he gets back with Tracy Barlow. Tracy hears their dirty little secret, and then the next thing. Carla is getting robbed!! Tracy, predictably, legs it leaving Carla to fend for herself. Will Nick find out? Well of course he will!! 

  • A Place in the Sun. My ongoing obsession with house building and buying continues. I am quite literally obsessed with buying a place in the sun, but watching others house hunting keeps the fires burning. Fabulously uplifting. 

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