Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Beans at Manchester Printworks - recommended!

 When we went to see Robbie Williams in Manchester, we stayed over. We stopped off at the Printworks on route for some food before heading to the venue. We saw a place called Beans and decided to go there. 

Straight away, it was quirky. Here as an example - a used beans tin for the cutlery. So cute and different. 

We started off with a pint, but soon progressed onto the harder stuff. After studying the menu. 

I had a smoky chilli burger, whilst the other half went for a BBQ number. 

It arrived in a basket which was a nice touch, and they were generous on the fries. The burger itself was huge - the sort of burger that would put Mcdonalds to shame! It tasted so gorgeous. 

After our burgers, we opted for cocktails. Long Island Iced Teas to be precise. Nice finishing touch to our meal before heading off to Robbie. I would recommend this place and will definitely be going again. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the food came fast and tasted great. Spot on. Recommended. :)

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