Thursday, 11 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Its almost the weekend, which is fabulous. That always makes me feel positive. Not that I'm wishing my life away - far from it. I just like weekends.

So today. What's happened that I can say is positive? Well, a small thing is that I entered a competition a few weeks ago. A photography competition. Before you get all excited, I didn't win. But they did send me a lovely highlighter wheel with the photo I submitted on it!! I'm really chuffed!! Noone else has one. Just me. (That I know of).

I experienced an unusual feeling today - I actually wanted to go to the gym!! I went, it was PT, I survived, which is all good, but actually having that feeling of wanting to go in the first place? Epic!!!

Tonight, I have made myself a homemade salsa to have with my tea. I haven't made it for ages, and I had totally forgotten how good it tastes. Its really simple - chopped tomatoes, chopped white onions, garlic, dash of soy, dash of worcestershire, chilli powder and cajun spice. It has a kick, but it really zings up a plain meal. Plus its virtually zero calories, fat free, and yummy!! Totally enjoyed my tea.

I also had a success today. I rang Sky, as my bill for last month had sky rocketed, (excuse the pun). I asked if they could do anything, or I wanted to disconnect. Surprise surprise, they went through my package, adding discounts, loyalty prices etc.. before getting down to it. They offered me a massive discount if I tied in. I mean we are talking £25 reduction per month here. All in all, it knocked  massive £44 off the monthly total. Gobsmacked, and happy, but also, a bit miffed. Why charge so much in the first place? Relying on folks not checking just carrying on paying. But never mind that - £44 per month saving!! Happy days!

So, its been a day of many positives today. Feeling good :)

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