Monday, 15 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Today is Monday, which is always the worse day of the week. Having to get up when the alarm goes off for starters, however. Today, was a particularly beautiful day, which helped immensely. Clear blue skies, frosty start, then glorious sunshine. Just amazing to behold.

Another positive, is that my mum popped round, totally out of the blue. It was lovely to see her, even though it was only Saturday we nipped to their house. Its just nice that we are close enough to do that now, as I used to live further away. It reminds me why we moved in the first place.

This morning, I washed my hair. Somedays, it goes a bit frizzy or doesn't look as nice. Today, I tried my new serum I bought a few weeks back, and I'm not kidding, my hair was shiny as glass and feels so soft. Its been gorgeous all day so that's made me feel hair swishing good!!

It was still light when I left work today so that felt good. It feels more positive when its lighter nights. It makes me feel like spring is on the way, and that feels good. So there we have it. Quite a positive day for a Monday :)

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