Saturday, 20 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up, its Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, to quote Mr Elton John!! Is that not enough for you?

No, of course not. So, lets get to it. Ok, so its been a family oriented weekend. It was the father in law's 86th Birthday today. He's been so poorly on and off, so the fact he has reached such a ripe old age, is wonderful!!

Another? we went to my favourite restaurant for tea this evening. And I had a healthy option. I am really proud of myself!! I had one piece of bread for our shared starter. Then I had cajun chicken for my main. With boiled potatoes and a side salad.

More? Ok then. Today, I met the daughter of my other halfs son's girlfriend. Complicated? Yes!! But Maisie is ace. Made me realise that 5 is kind of cool, if frustrating!!

Then, finally, we have spent a few fun hours watching silly videos of my past life. Sky dive,swimming with dolphins, America - I was young, I was reckless - I had no fashion sense, clearly, but my god if I could have my time again!!

Never the less - its a positive to remember just how wild, how amazing, how full of hope, life and promise I once was. Its a positive. I need to get that back. :)

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