Monday, 22 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up, I have survived a very long day. Monday's are just the worst. However, I met today with determination and did not give in. That is positive.

I have made plans for my diet now, as I need to get this weight shifted. I have done a little mini workout before work, and some squats this evening. I have been very busy, sorting things out, making tomorrow's sandwiches, washing, and generally getting stuff done. I am in that frame of mind - getting organised. I have a plan, and that makes me feel positive!!

Another positive? Ok then. I have won a competition today. Only a small one, but a win is a win!! A tote bag on its way to me. Plus I called at the Post Office this morning before work, to collect my gilet which I have also won!! Comping can be hit and miss, but when you win, its a wonderful feeling. The gilet is ice blue and it is gorgeous :)

Finally, today I have come to terms with my impending significant birthday!! I have been a right old misery guts about it, but tonight, I have come to the conclusion that its just another day, just a number. Nothing to get myself in a tizz about. So that is positive. You may not think so, but you haven't seen the grumpy buggar I have been so this is major progress!!

So there you go, more positives :)

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