Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up, today has been a good day for compliments. I wore a pink jumper today, instead of my usual wardrobe of black, black and a bit more black. From the moment I got to work, on a training course, I got a compliment about my jumper.

But it didn't stop there. I got told I was looking good, when I mentioned being on a diet and going to the gym. Then, when I mentioned the upcoming significant birthday next month, I got several comments about not looking my age, which was very nice indeed!!

I finished work, and went to collect my phone, fresh from the repair shop. Its all fixed!! I am so pleased and happy to have it back!! Its been a very long 2 and a half weeks, but finally, the phone is back. I've set it up again, its all working, and I feel back to normal now. Washing machine and phone - bad combination. But positive it is back with me :)

I have been to the gym again this evening. 2 nights on the trot, so feeling very positive about that. Its just possible that this sofa dweller might just become a gym bunny yet. I am feeling positive about my diet, about life and everything today. Good day :)

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