Monday, 8 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Today was Monday. For once, when the alarm went off this morning - a waterlogged alarm which sounded very odd given my drowned iphone!! - I actually felt like I had a good sleep which is great. I am not usually a morning person!

So it was off to a good start. I was also determined today to get back onto my diet. I have done exactly that, so I am really pleased. I was starting to give up, but now I am back.

We got home, and decided to get G's room done. Months ago, I had this idea to put her up a sort of curtain over her bed. I had already bought the pink sparkly curtains as part of the idea. I have been waiting on the other half to try and get a bracket put up.

Tonight he decided to put a hook in the ceiling. We then spent about an hour and a half battling with it. But now, its up, its level. It has fairy lights and everything!! I'm sure G will love it, but if not, I'm going to sleep in there!! Its like a princess room. Very pleased. Especially as we have been meaning to do it for months. Good job done. Very positive indeed :)

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