Friday, 19 February 2016

Diet? What Diet?

I am totally off plan. Not exercise wise - that is actually going great guns. Getting fitter, stronger, better. Weight though? Well thats another story at the moment.

I go on holiday 8 weeks tomorrow, so you would think I would be going for it all out. Well I was, for a week or so. Then last weekend, courtesy of an inexplicable weight gain, I gave up and went spectacularly off track.

I have tried to pull it back this week, but find myself secretly bingeing when noone is around. Tonight, it was a velvet crunch crisp buttie, 2 shapers bars and a handfull of skittles!!

Now I am having a glass of wine!! Why? No idea. Usually I can really make myself focus. My will power has evaporated though.

I cannot go on holiday fat again. It made me so unhappy last time, but can I get my head in gear this week? Nope!!

I hope its out of my system by tomorrow, as I have 8 weeks. But tonight is another story :)

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