Friday, 19 February 2016

Looking back at 2014

Looking back, I did quite a lot in 2014. Here is my 2014 in summary:

  • 3 x trip to cinema to watch The Lego Movie, Paddington and Box Trolls
  • Ten Pin Bowling x 2
  • Swimming & Waterworld x 2
  • A baby shower
  • Spa break at Hoar Cross Hall
  • Viewed lots of houses to buy
  • Walked across Barlaston Downs
  • Several canal walks including Wedgwood, Barlaston and Trentham
  • Went to Consall Valley
  • Stayed in Doncaster
  • Walked in Nottinghamshire & Tickhill
  • Amerton Farm x 2
  • Gran Canaria for a week
  • Spa treatments at Moddershall Oaks - facial and massage
  • Burton on Trent shopping and lunch
  • Stayed at the Florentine in Sheffield
  • Birmingham Bullring shopping and lunch
  • Freeport shopping
  • Rod Stewart gig
  • Wedding
  • Robbie Williams gig in Manchester
  • Lovely meals at Buffet Island, The Bleeding Wolf, the Spotgate, the Blacklake and Nom
  • Put an offer in on a house, but didn't get it
  • Put an offer in another house - accepted!! 
  • visited several local pubs to try them out before placing any offers! 
  • Was post deleted at work, before being placed into a new job
  • other half had a new car
  • Tunisia for a week
  • Moved out of rented house
  • Moved into new house
  • Went to Yo Sushi in Manchester and in Chester
  • Chester x 2
  • Manchester shopping
  • Walked around Trentham estate and lake several times
  • Walked the fields near our new house x 4 times already
  • Walked in the snow in my new wellies
  • Reached lowest weight of 11 stone 13.8lb
  • Heaviest weight - 14 stone 10lb

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