Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My Week with Morrissey Day 1 - Piccadilly Palare

Day 1 of My Week with Morrissey and first up its the brilliant 'Piccadilly Palare'.

'Piccadilly Palare' was released in 1990. It was from his compilation album 'Bona Drag' released the same month and year as the single, in October of that year. It was the first track on the album.

Being Morrissey, this was never going to be an average song. Nor was its subject matter, which I didn't understand back then, being still at high school myself! The song is apparently about male prostitution; specifically around Piccaddilly in London. Who knew? Not me!

This is quite a pop sounding song, but its more indie than mainstream. In the background, you can hear vocals, and they are by none other than fellow vintage pop star, in the form of Suggs from Madness!! I had no idea.

If it wasn't for the somewhat dark and a tad sarcastic lyrics, you could easily be taken in by this. But listen carefully, its much deeper than it appears on first listen. Its all guitar and drums, and somewhat cynical snarly vocals this one.

It was quite a hit in the UK singles chart, reaching number 18. Not bad. I think this is the first Morrissey single that I actually ever bought, on vinyl. Its probably still up in the loft somewhere. I must dig that out really, take a walk down memory lane.

Its indie, a little rock, a little pop, and utterly unique. Some of the lyrics are just amazing "Off the rails I was and off the rails I was happy to stay - GET OUT OF MY WAY". Noone says it quite like Mozza. Some are just plain puzzling "your lovely eek and your lovely riah". I say what?? That's what makes this song so brilliant. you can sing along, with no clue what it means or what words you are singing. As I have said, the meaning is much deeper, but its still a good sing along never the less.

So there we have it, Day 1 of My week with Morrissey and the fabulous 'Piccadilly Palare'. If you haven't heard it before, which will be a lot of you out there I'm guessing, then go familiarise yourself with a small chunk of musical history.

Now all that remains to be done, is to choose tomorrow's song. If you can't wait, why don't you check out My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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