Saturday, 20 February 2016

Out for a meal tonight - mission to stay on the diet!!

We are going out for a meal this evening. In preparation so far I have had 2 rounds of toast and marmite for breakfast, and 4 ryvita with cottage cheese for my lunch.

So far, I've been very disciplined. Now this evening, we are off to the Harvester. I chose the venue as I know I can have a healthy option of chicken breast and jacket spud, but I still have to contend with resisting the naughty stuff masquerading as healthy on the salad bar - the potato salad, the pasta, the dressings and the bread (I love bread).

Then there is the decision over what to have to drink. I can't have wine - it is a very bad idea for a diet. If I don't have wine then what do I have? Maybe a whisky and diet coke? Maybe a long drink? Whatever happens, I need to be very careful.

I am now so close to getting below the stone mark. I weighed in at 13 stone 4 this morning. That's a hell of a drop this week, but it will be quickly back on again if I'm not careful. So careful it is.

Just over 10 weeks until my holiday, and 4 weeks until my birthday - plenty to be slim for. Got to be good. :)

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