Saturday, 13 February 2016

What I'm Watching This Week

  • The Walking Dead. Up to series 5 now. Still lots of walking dead around. I would have thought they would have, you know, died by now!! Seriously though, the plot is still exciting. This is so much more than zombies. The characters are so well written and acted, that you feel attached to them. The episode we have just watched was where a loved character dies. It was so moving, I felt choked up. Fabulous stuff. 

  • Come Dine With Me. I love this program. Take a bunch of show-offs, throw them in a room together whilst they nose around each other's homes, then attempt to cook and entertain. The voice over guy makes it, but its just so funny. 

  • Take me Out. I didn't like this much in the past, but I've started to watch it a bit more and its grown on me. Paddy is great, but some of the people that come on are not right. Mad clothes, crazy antics, and rarely, a match that actually get on with one another!! 

  • Grand Designs. I continue to be obsessed with this program. To the point where I now have a broad idea of my own Grand Design. I just need a lotto win now! :) 

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