Saturday, 5 March 2016

I Have Made Fire!!!!

Ok so the weather has brightened up a little, but really, is it warm enough for outdoors in the evening? That will be a no then. So what's a girl to do when its too nice for indoors but too cool for outdoors?

A chimnea of course!! I purchased my first chimnea last year, and it got some use. My other half was like an excited caveman, strutting about the place like "I have made fire".

I wasn't sure at first if it would throw out any heat. It certainly looked pretty being a petite little cast iron number. Once he got it going though, it was quite impressive. Take a peek:

This was taken in my old garden before the move. I persuaded my man to go fetch it out of storage (in the garage) to use in our new home. For such a little chimnea, it weighs a lot! We have yet to get it going but hopefully this weekend, the weather is set to be warm and dry by day, perfect for starlight and warmth of fire!! I can't wait now - there is something mesmerising about watching it. I'm the same with real coal fires - I just love to watch the flames flickering about and feeling the lovely warm glow. Bring on the weekend :)

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