Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Retro Single of the Week - Shakespears Sister - Stay

My retro single of the week this week is the classic from Shakespears Sister - 'Stay'.

'Stay' was released in 1992. It was in fact the second single from their second album Hormonally Yours. This was a massive hit in the UK, hitting the top spot in the singles chart and staying there for 8 weeks!!

Now, I was a bit of a Bananarama fan when I was little, so I already knew of Siobhan Fahey, as one of the original members. Shakespears Sister was her own project post Bananas, and this track was Siobhan and an American singer named Marcella Detroit, whom I had not heard of before this.

'Stay' was one of those instant stand out tracks. It was dark, and brooding and sultry, but so catchy and pop. It was Marcella hitting the high vocal notes, but Fahey on the deep, growling parts that give this song such depth, such darkness and light, good versus bad almost.

The video to this is one of those that you remember. Its all dark gothic make up and life and death stuff. Detroit and Fahey are basically fighting for a man, but the point isn't love. Its whether he lives and "stays" with Detroit, or goes with death as in Fahey, who is the ultimate dark angel of death in this vid. They both look amazing. Life wins though, and death goes away having failed.

Its these lyrics "you'd better hope and pray that you make it safe back to your own world" that really stick in my mind. This is the part where Siobhan kicks in. Its so powerful, so memorable. Just brilliant. The contrast between Marcella's amazing soaring notes as she sings "Stay with me" is just so compelling.

This is a truly great song, and on listening to it again after all these years, its actually still great. This could be released now and wouldn't sound dated. A true classic. If you aren't familiar with it, go take a listen. Let me know what you think.

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