Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday morning = breakfast torture

I am on a diet. I believe I may have mentioned this a time or two. This morning, the boys are down and little G so its bacon, sausages and full English all around. Except for me that is!

I'm on the Boo Oats again. Boo Tea's new breakfast oats that you add water to and have a bowl of creamy oats. They are quite nice to be fair, and very tasty but the smell all around me is divine and its really really hard.

I am having a cup of Day time Boo Tea and my bowl of oats and trying not to be tempted. It helps somewhat that this morning, inexplicably, I have bloated up.

I am eating a healthy eating plan, consisting of similar meals each day. Oats for breaky, sandwich for dinner, salad and soup at night. Its been going great, then this morning - bang - half a pound gained and feeling sluggish.

Today I need to drink a lot of water and flush myself out as I am desperate to get under that stone mark. I have to. I have 3 weeks and 2 days left now - I can't afford any blips at all.

With this in mind, it is making those smells of bacon easier to resist. If I give in today, its all over this close to hols. I am a lean mean fat burning machine. Well, I will be if I persevere.

Will power is such a tricky thing. You think you've got it in hand, in the bag then it just fades and disappears on me.

Not this time!! PT Tuesday, possibly gym later - see how we go. But 5 sessions is the plan for this week.

This time next week, I shall be a few pounds clear and under that stone mark you just wait!

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