Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What I'm Watching This Week

  • The Walking Dead. Finally up to date on the box sets. Watched right from the start to the end of Season 6A. What am I going to watch now? I need more zombies in my life. Seriously though, who would have thought that 6 series later, this program would still be so utterly compelling to watch. Twists and turns, and dastardly deeds - if you have a strong stomach, this is great TV. 

  • Grand Designs. My obsession continues. I watch each episode and am forever inspired by these people who have these dreams and ideas and bring them to life. Sometimes they have disasters, but what an experience it must be. One day, I keep telling myself, one day, it will be my turn. Oh and Kevin McCloud is wonderful too. 

  • Harry Potter films and behind the scenes. We headed off last weekend to Harry Potter's tour in Watford. It was fabulous, so in honour I have been watching every film again. Its even more amazing now - watching each film thinking - stood there, seen that- I know how they do that. Its made it even better if that's even possible!! 

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